Harristown Development Corporation is a non-profit real-estate development company that has been devoted to revitalizing downtown Harrisburg since 1974. Here at Harristown, we are helping make Harrisburg a better place to live, work and play. Since the inception of the Harristown Urban Renewal Project and the formation of Harristown, Harrisburg has seen dramatic economic, cultural and community development.
Our mission is to increase social, cultural and economic activity by excelling in urban planning and development to better link the downtown to Harrisburg’s regional community. We seek to operate and manage efficiently, effectively and ethically to enhance the downtown’s overall quality and character of life for all residents, businesses, employees, customer and visitors. To accomplish our mission, we will maintain, improve and coordinate existing facilities and programs that will intensify and increase all people’s use of the downtown.
Our flagship property is known as Strawberry Square. Strawberry Square is a hub for professionals, residents, visitors and shops, services and much more. Strawberry Square acts as a town hall for community events, as the centerpiece of the capital city, a place for downtown employees, residents and visitors to live, work, shop, dine and explore.


To make Downtown Harrisburg a vibrant, growing, district that attracts investment and is a showcase location to live, work, and play.