Harrisburg Mural Trail Adding Three New Works in Downtown

The Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District (HDID) and Harristown Enterprises have partnered with Sprocket Mural Works to install three new murals this month along Blackberry Street in the SoMa neighborhood.
These murals will add to the City’s already vibrant collection of over 40 works across the City of Harrisburg established through Sprocket’s mural fests in 2017 and 2019. Funding is being provided by the McCormick Foundation, HDID and Harristown. When completed, these three works will bring the total number of murals in the downtown business district to eight.
Dizz Gavins, also known as Dizzuane (Dizz-Wayne), is from York, and is known for his free-flowing, abstract art style. His backdrop is the wall at the corner of 28 Dewberry Street at the intersection of and Blackberry and Dewberry Streets on the rear of the Messiah Institute building.
Emily Matusz, who goes by the name “Majikarpette,” lives in Gettysburg, and focuses her concept artwork on fantasy and sci-fi. Her canvas is the long wall along Blackberry Street just off of 4th Street – under the Chestnut Street Garage.
Tara Chickey is the third local artist to add her talent to the vibrant downtown mural scene; she is the arts director and an in-house artist at The Millworks in Harrisburg. Abstract nature is a focus for her, which she will be adding at the corner of Blackberry and Dewberry Streets on a section of wall behind 333 Market Street.
We are extremely excited to have these three local artists add to the portfolio of work in our neighborhood,” said Todd VanderWoude, Executive Director of the DID.
Brad Jones, President & CEO of Harristown added, “Our partnerships with the Downtown Improvement District and Sprocket Mural Works strengthen and beautify our community. With the addition of these three murals, Blackberry Street will now become a central corridor for the mural trail.
Sprocket founder and president, Megan Caruso said, “Murals promote a sense of identity, belonging and attachment, strengthening community identification.
Sprocket Mural Works is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works with neighborhoods, artists, organizations and government agencies to create vibrant community murals across Harrisburg. Sprocket’s mission is to inspire civic pride and encourage community engagement through united creative action. Since 2014, Sprocket has painted, commissioned, and collaborated on over 85 projects in the greater Harrisburg area, paid 60+ artists, engaged 50+ businesses and community organizations, and worked with 300+ volunteers. Sprocket’s vision is a world more beautiful because it is covered in art for the community by the community.
Harristown has played an important role within the City of Harrisburg maintaining, improving and developing downtown properties, increasing the flow of economic enterprise and bringing businesses, retail and residential opportunities to the City. Over the past four years, Harristown has been an integral partner with Sprocket Mural Works, sponsoring a minimum of five murals in the downtown through its affiliate – Strawberry Square.
The Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District and Visitors Information Center (HDID) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization located in the heart of downtown Harrisburg. The HDID was founded in 1999 by the downtown business community along with the support of the City of Harrisburg and Dauphin County; their mission is to keep the downtown clean, safe and beautiful.